MARC Formats Transition Interest Group

Saturday, January 26, 2013 -
3:00pm to 4:00pm

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The theme of the session is “Transforming MARC: Repurposing, Reusing and Reimagining Data from MARC Records".

Our speakers will be Roy Tennant of OCLC Research, Diane Hillmann of Metadata Management Associates, and Sally McCallum of the Library of Congress. Descriptions of their presentations follow:

Roy Tennant - OCLC Research
MARC and the Trouble With Online

Due to some basic ambiguities in MARC, it is presently very difficult to tell if a URL in an 856 field will lead the user to the full item online, let alone whether it is openly available. This presentation will reveal some work by OCLC Research to tackle this problem, and lead the way forward to an unambiguous declaration regarding URLs, whether encoded in MARC or some other metadata scheme.

Diane I. Hillmann - Metadata Management Associates
A Lossless Method to Map MARC Data

Summary: Many of those who seek to map or crosswalk data from MARC to other schemas believe that the elderly MARCXML is the only option. However, another option exists, in a more modern package: These 'level zero' elements allow MARC21 data to be represented without loss in RDF; subsequently, semantic mappings can be used to interoperate the data with other linked data based on Dublin Core, ISBD, RDA, etc. This resource is open to use by anyone, and will be available in the mapping service being built by the Open Metadata Registry ( Diane Hillmann, one of the principals in the consulting firm Metadata Management Associates, will describe how the service will work, what its products will be, and respond to any feedback or ideas from the audience.

Sally McCallum - Library of Congress
Bibliographic Format Initiative (BFI) - Data from MARC

The high level model for the BFI has been published and there are 7 Early Experimenters and probably more institutions investigating how it might work. LC's NDMSO has been working on an experimental pipeline for converting its MARC records into a new framework where they might sit better with RDA data. McCallum will describe choices LC has made for transformation of data and show what they are looking like from the BFI side.

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